Finding Beauty in Ugly Locations

The “photographer’s eye” isn’t something that can be taught. I believe this is something that creative people are born with. For as long as I can remember, I have always been able to see beauty peeking out from something that the average person might see as ugly or uninteresting.

Sometimes I look at a location and see each element as something that can creatively add to the composition of a photo in an unexpected way. On multiple occasions, I have completely surprised a client when they were hesitant about a location where I told them to pose. I have gotten strange looks and even questions like “Really? You want me to stand there?” And each time they ended up loving the resulting photo.

As a photographer, I always have to think outside the box. The last thing I want is for my photos to be standard or to look like what every other photographer does.


A pile of wood pallets caught my eye and made for the perfect backdrop.


I got pretty excited when I saw the client’s lot across from their house and the shiny metal ice shanty that was stored there.


This location is one of my best-kept secrets, right in the middle of town.


One of my favorite alleyways.


Grandpa’s junk pile was perfect for this senior session.


This little antique shop had many interesting objects viewable through the windows.


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