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I’m excited to announce that I’ve been named a “Finalist” in the 2019 Shoot & Share Photo Contest!

Each year, Shoot & Share puts on a huge global photo contest that is completely anonymous and designed so that every photo submitted gets a fair chance of being voted on and winning (in other words, this is not a popularity contest). Photos are shown in randomized sets of four and then participants must pick their favorite of every grouping presented to them. Photos are submitted to one of 25 different categories, so each random group shows only photos from a specific category. Anyone can vote, and it’s not just limited to other photographers. There are twelve rounds of the contest, and images that have been voted on the most stay in the running through each round until they are eliminated. This year, 583,150 photos in total were submitted by photographers from all over the world!

This was my first year entering in the Shoot & Share contest. I had previously felt too nervous and scared of rejection to enter! And since I participated in the voting myself, I must say there was some amazing talent present. The contest pushes photographers to create compelling images that also meet certain standards of quality.


One of my favorite photos from the past year made it as a finalist in the Seniors/Teens category, placing 132 out of 39,136 entries in that category! (Soooo close to top 100…) I had several other images rank in the upper percentages. Since senior portraits are the main focus of my business, it felt pretty reassuring to see several of my images in this category ranked among the highest.

Here are my results:

Finalist: 1 (132/39,136)

Top 10%: 5

Top 20%: 7

Top 30%: 5





Roxanne is a professional portrait photographer in Fond du Lac, WI.


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