Photography is something I've loved for nearly my entire life. When I was a child I began with photographing sunsets from my backyard and told everyone I was going to be a photographer when I grew up (yes, that's totally true). I find joy in looking at old photos, because it allows me to feel a connection to people and places from the past. I believe that photos are an important part of everyone's legacy, and I am fulfilled by being the one to create this. 

I am equally right-brained and left-brained, having inherited the artistic eye from my mom and the technical aptitude from my dad. I am formally educated in the areas of marketing, photography, digital design, and fine arts; my first college photography course involved processing and developing my own film in the darkroom. In 2011, I decided to turn what I loved into a business and have been serving clients ever since.

I feel inspired by the gorgeous landscapes and seasons of my home state of Wisconsin. I'm a cat mom to Cleo and Dusty. I'm proudly American, passionately Italian, and stubbornly German, and I enjoy learning about genealogy and history. My favorites things include cats, metallic rose gold, mint chocolate chip ice cream, fashion, antiques, old creaky houses, good grammar, organization, web design, fields of wildflowers, thunderstorms, fine point pens, unique art, and objects created in nature.

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