(P.S. - Elise is my middle name.)

Photography is not just something I do; it's part of who I am and my creative outlet. I picked up a camera at a young age and told everyone I was going to be a photographer when I grew up. (Yes, it might sound cliche, but I really said that...) Though I have tried many forms of art, photography has always been my favorite. I believe I inherited the artistic eye from my mom and the technical aptitude from my dad, and I approach photography with a consideration of both. I love creating something that can be seen and appreciated by others.

I consider my style to be creative and timeless, utilizing concepts of fine art while capturing my subjects with relaxed poses and natural expressions. I love to challenge myself to find creative inspiration in any setting. My goal is that you will be proud to display, hold, and share your portraits. I pride myself on happy clients, countless referrals, and having my work published!

In addition to photography, I enjoy website and graphic design, cats, and home improvement projects on my 1920 historic house. 

Fond du Lac Professional Photographer since 2011

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The Studio

The studio is located in the historic Empire Building in downtown Fond du Lac. Inside the studio is a meeting area, product samples, a camera/shooting space, and a private dressing room. There is even an exclusive Style Closet which includes various dresses, skirts, and accessories, in a range of sizes and colors!

(Studio hours by appointment only.)

20 Forest Ave, Suite #101
Fond du Lac, WI

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