Photography is not just something I do; it's part of who I am. I believe I inherited the artistic eye from my mom and the technical aptitude from my dad, and I approach my work with a consideration of both. I picked up a camera at a young age and decided I was going to be a photographer when I grew up. (Sounds cliche, but it’s true.) Then in my early twenties, a few opportunities pushed me to start my own business as a photographer. 

What sets me apart? My timeless style, attention to detail, consistency, and the full-service experience I offer to my clients! Portrait photography is a personal experience, and my goal is to make that a memorable one. I want you to feel reassured that you’ve come to a photographer who knows both the artistic and the technical sides to photography. I want you to feel comfortable and have fun during your session. I want to capture your unique style and personality. I love the challenge of finding creative inspiration in any setting and location. I strive to provide finished artwork that you will be proud to display, hold, and share. After all, you’re hiring a professional photographer to document an important time in your life, and you deserve it. 

Fond du Lac Professional Photographer Since 2011

Meet Roxanne